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Lateef Khoso - Governor Punjab

It is a great effort and has comprehensive content.

Raja Riaz (Opposition Leader, Punjab Assembly)
It is a good step. When GEO will practice it other media groups will certainly learn a lesson and they will also try to apply it.

Akhtar Malik - MPA, PPP
This code of conduct will be written with golden words in history.

Sajida Mir - MPA, PPP

GEO has taken a principled stand. I think media will improve and Pakistan will also progress.

Samina Khawar Hayat (Member PML-Q)
GEO practices as it says, ‘GEO Tou Aisay!’. I appreciate it.

Zaheeruddin (Paliamentary Leader, PML-Q
It is a good endeavour and need of the moment. GEO has taken the right step forward.

Rana Arshad (MPA, PML-N)
GEO's effort will bring improvement in journalism and transparency will prevail because everything follows principles.

Shumaila Rana - MPA, PML - N

GEO has created such a code of conduct that will lead to a transparent accountability.

Mamnoon Hussain - Former Governor of Sindh -  PML-N

GEO has made public its initiative - Geo Asool, which it intends to apply to itself. It will be more productive if all channels collectively follow this code of conduct.

Senator Mushahidullah Khan – PML - N

The Biggest Group has decided that they want to be accountable to their audience.

Ismael Rahoo - PML - N, Sindh

By developing “Geo Asool”, Geo has come forward and I think in the future other institutions will follow it.

Imdad Chandia - PML - N

Media plays a vital role and it affects society and system. Geo has created a “Geo Asool” which is a very admiring; rest of media should also create their code of conduct.

Rauf Siddiqui - MQM

By deciding that the media should be accountable, GEO has taken an important step and deserves credit for it. There should be some self-regulation of the media.

Ghaffar Qureshi - PML- Humkhayal

GEO code of conduct will prove to be a milestone for journalism in Pakistan and act as a best instrument for eradicating corruption and addressing all grievances in journalism.

Sheikh Ahsan Uddin (President, Rawalpindi High Court Bar)
It is a great initiative by GEO. First time in the history of the country the media felt its responsibility especially GEO and started self-accountability. Since the lawyers’ movement till today, media has played a pivotal role and for this reason judiciary is free and the lawyers of the country are in support of the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Shehram Sarwar - President of Lahore High Court Bar Association

Your organization has done a commendable job and I would say that the rules you have devised should be implemented.

Raja Zulqarnain - Former Secretary, Supreme Court Bar)

GEO enjoys outstanding role in Pakistani media and prominent position in free media. GEO has taken the lead. I take this as positive and hope that the rest of the media follows it.

Raja Abdur Rehman - Former Attorney General of Pakistan 

GEO has brought a revolution in this society. There cannot be two opinions about this. The rules created by GEO should be followed as guidelines in other segments of society. It is bound to leave an impact across the board. This is an important initiative.

Mohammad Ahsan Bhoon - Member Pakistan Bar Council

Some of its content if implement will prove to be very effective at least for a healthy society.

  Aftab Ahmed Bajwa - Senior Lawyer

Your new program will help the country progress and develop awareness among the people.

Ghulam Abbas - Vice Chairman, Punjab Bar Council

You have created great rules.

Rana Ejaz Ahmed Khan - Former Minister of Law

I congratulate those who presented this idea.

Adam Thomson - British High Commissioner
It is a very good step and I salute those who are working for a better media. Pakistani media is an integral part of people’s life so it is vital that the media must keep its respect intact within the masses. That’s why the sections of GEOASOOL’s document relating to authencity of news and accountability are of immense importance.

Noor ul Ameen - D C O Lahore

I think this is a right step in the right direction. Other channels should also pursue this path.

Ameen Chapal - Chairman Supreme Council All Pakistan Memon Association

Whenever it gets a chance Geo gives us good news. Every channel should try and give us such good news.

Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri - Jamiat Ulema e Islam (F)

This is a very good step taken by Geo and other channels and institutions should follow their example.

Nadir Akmul Leghari - General Secretary, PTI, Sindh

By this step, I think Geo has drawn its own boundaries and they want remain within the parameters of these principles.

Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi - Chairman National Peoples Party

This is a very good initiative, I want to congratulate Geo. I hope that other channels will follow and impose their own code of conduct.

Haleem Aadil Sheikh – Advisor to the Chief Minister, Sindh

Media is a very important pillars of the state. All over the world the media is governed by a code of conduct. Pakistan was an exception. Our media teaches all of us “asool” but was itself deprived of these very principles.

GEOASOOL is our social contract with you on values and guidelines that balance freedom with responsibility. You can also read GEOASOOL and give feedback at geo.tv/asool. 14th August GEOASOOL will be finalized and implemented.

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